Portable Mini Qi Wood Plate Wireless Charging Mat for Samsung Galaxy 6/6 edge/all types of Smart Phones

FeaturesPremium quality solid wood casing.Unique wooden design, compact and fashionable, convenient to use and portable enough to take anywhere. Compatible for any device with integrated Qi functiona

    Product Details
    FeaturesPremium quality solid wood casing.

    Unique wooden design, compact and fashionable, convenient to use 

    and  portable enough to take anywhere. 

    Compatible for any device with integrated Qi functionality.

    Dual Outputs
    Tech Specs
    Model: SR-W03

    Wireless Charger Standard: Qi   

    Input Voltage: DC5V/2000mA(MAX)

    Double Output Voltage: DC5V/1000mA(MAX)

    Working Frequency: 110-205kHz

    Conversion Efficiency: 75%(max)

    Color Available: Wood color 

    Dimension: 75*75*12mm

    Package Qi Wireless Charging Pad 
    IncludesMicro USB Cable

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