Mini Fast Charging QI Wireless Charger Samsung S5 Wireless Charging

OverviewWirelessly charge the mobile devices without bothering with plugs or cablesCompact design, ideal small piece for 60mm furniture standard through holeAvailable in multiple materials, support FO

    Product Details
    OverviewWirelessly charge the mobile devices without bothering with plugs or cables

    Compact design, ideal small piece for 60mm furniture standard through hole

    Available in multiple materials, support FOD function

    Aluminium Alloy case for fireproof,waterproof

    Compatible with any Qi-enabled smartphone or devices
    Tech SpecsModel: SR-QT-18

    Wireless Charger Standard: Qi   

    Input Voltage: DC5V/1500mA(MAX)

    Double Output Voltage: DC5V/1000mA(MAX)

    Working Frequency: 110-205kHz

    Conversion Efficiency: 75%(max)

    Color Available: Leather, Wood, Metal, Rubber

    Dimension: (top cover)Φ80* (bottom cover)Φ60* 18mm
    Package Qi Wireless Charging Pad 
    IncludesMicro USB Cable

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