Lighthouse 11000mAh Innovative 1.5A Input 18650 Li-ion External Phone Charger with Outdoor LED Flashlight

FeaturesLi-ion Battery Cell Mini Portable, Compact and Colourful DesignLighthouse Design, Powerful Outdoor LED Lamp45 Hours Lighting Time, 25 Square Meters Lighting Range, 130 Lux Vertical Lighting

Product Details
FeaturesLi-ion Battery Cell

 Mini Portable, Compact and Colourful Design

Lighthouse Design, Powerful Outdoor LED Lamp

45 Hours Lighting Time, 25 Square Meters Lighting Range, 

130 Lux Vertical   Lighting Distance

Model: SR-LH110

Battery Type: 18650 Li-ion Battery Cell*5

Capacity: 11000mAh

Input: DC5V 1.5A
Tech SpecsOutput: DC5V 2A

Size: 148*61*23mm

Weight: 278g

Color Available: White, blue, red, yellow, green

Capacity Available:2200mAh, 4400mAh,6600mAh,11000mAh
Package 11000mAh Power Bank
IncludesMicro USB Charging Cable

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